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We built Userscom to simplify, speed up, and eliminate customer support anxiety once & for all.

You'll truly love the feel of it.


Founder – Usercom

Cleanest Interface Ever

It's unlike any other customer support tool

Enjoy an effortless one-page solution, experience smooth navigation to your tickets and activate our “Focus Mode” for undistracted support.

Say goodbye to clutter and embrace productivity.

Prioritize Your Tickets

Rule-Based Filtering for those special customers

Have the power to prioritize your customer support with ease. You can create custom filters based on criteria like user/company attributes.

If you want to address pro user tickets first. Simply enable the filter, and the priority tickets are ready for attention.

Follow Up, Every Time

Keep the connection alive - every customer counts

Userscom makes it so easy. Label the ticket for follow-up, and it’s right there in your “Follow Up” tab, waiting for your attention.

No more missed opportunities – just smooth, organized follow-up management.

Split Your Tickets

Easily categorize your tickets

Userscom automatically creates stacks of your tickets based on categories you select. Need all billing-related tickets in one place? No problem.

How about assigning a stack to team member? Yup we do that too.

AI Assistant

ai writes & plans for you

Your AI sidekick will craft responses for you. Simply give it a nudge, like “decline politely,” and watch the magic happen. 

But that’s not all – it’s a ticket-sorting genius too. Bug? Billing issue? It will automatically categorize them, making your life easier.

Let AI revolutionize your customer support game, with unparalleled ease and efficiency. 

See Users Attributes

great for personalized support

You can easily check your user’s attributes, things like their subscription plan, country, message date etc. It’s great to know who you’re talking with.

You can send these custom attributes of the user along with the ticket they submit to your team members. Have your users account information at your fingertips.

Userscom integrates with your
website in multiple ways

Contact Form

Embed our contact form on your website & reply to the queries from our intuitive dashboard.

Popup Widget

Install our popup chat for visitors to reach you from anywhere; all interactions land in your dashboard.


Easily send responses to your Userscom dashboard by using our API into your existing forms.

Ready to make your customer support experience less daunting?