Our every feature adds real value to your customer support experience

Clutter Free Experience

Experience simplicity with Userscom – Where an effortlessly smooth interface ensures a tidy, distraction-free user experience.

User Attributes

Categorize users by attributes like location, plan type etc.

Easy Integration

No need for messy code, directly install Userscom API into your tool.

Organized Categories

Easily organize your tickets into neat categories for a hassle-free way to stay on top of your customer support game.

AI assistant

Automatically replies to your tickets, making your work so much more easier.

Split Tickets

Auto-sort tickets with AI for easy navigation and organization.

Rule Based Filters

Easily filter between user’s tickets based on their account attributes.

UI Customization

Personalize your dashboard to your liking. You can customize your UI to what fit your needs best.

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